Cover Photo

One thing we felt a tremendous amount of pressure about when getting ready to publish this magazine was the cover photo. Our designer had made several mock-ups at the beginning stages of the process so we could get a feel for what the magazine might look like. They were amazing mock-ups. So great that we have been using them in our marketing materials.

We had been using the mock-up cover with the succulents in social media to promote the magazine, etc... and it really seemed to resonate with people. The photographer, Shay Cochrane (@shaycochrane) is really talented and has a whole shop full of delightful and beautiful stock photos which is where the image had originally been pulled from. We asked and she has been gracious enough to allow us to use this photo as our Pilot Issue cover. Isn't it amazing! (Wait till you see her other stuff!)

So, pressure relieved. Cover decided. Whew!

I'll tell you a little secret: there might be more of Shay's work in the magazine!