This is Happening!

After several months of self-reflection, I decided that the best way to make my dream happen is to do. Just do something. Take one step at a time. As Anne Lammot says, "Bird by bird."

You know that scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies where Indi is in a cave and needs to cross a large chasm? He takes some pebbles and tosses them out in front of him and a stone path that is camoflaged is revealed. He doesn't need the whole path revealed with pebbles, just enough to make his way clear. 

That's how I've been feeling. Just tossing pebbles and taking steps. And after several months, we've actually got a line-up of great content for our Pilot Issue of Belong Magazine, we have set a deadline for submissions, we have a printer lined up and we are about to open things up for advertising and sponsorships.

My dream is for Belong Magazine to grow into something larger. But for now, I'm taking the next step. 

This is really happening!