We are thrilled to (finally) announce that we have pooled our creative juices with Open House Creative to host a blogger event/launch party for Belong Magazine. This event is going to knock your socks off--from Open House Creative's amazing studio space to the tasty treats to the art activation. You don't want to miss it!

In addition to getting a complimentary copy of the magazine, attendees will be given the opportunity to create their own print graphic on Open House Creative’s big press. There is no cost to attend the event. For more information, please contact Brooke at


Open House Creative, founded by friends Kameron Campbell, Michele Lujan and Sophie St-Onge, encourages creativity by providing purposefully designed workshops and products to spark new ideas. We are a place where adults and kids, novices and masters can come together to create the unexpected. Our workshops are not just for ‘creatives’ but for those who crave to know more. Our mission is simple: take professional art ideas and break them down into such a way that anyone can begin to understand the fundamentals of Color Theory or Neo-pop Realism.

With both Youth Programs and Adult Programs, Open House Creative offers something for everyone. The kid’s program is rooted in inventive thinking and focuses on the future-youth of scientists, mathematicians and designers who will use creative problem solving skills to become the game changers of tomorrow. They work with charter, private, and public schools to bring workshops in pen and ink, painting, design, color theory, ceramics and more. The adult programs are an ever changing collaborative project consisting of monthly workshops, artists talks, creative forums, and events. They team up with some seriously inspiring people to give you a look inside the vast creative world of design, photography, fiber, printmaking, metal and more. Through their workshops, special events, and art shows, they aim to expand the boundaries of today’s art education, making the world just a little more RAD! You can fid them at