How to Handle Holiday Cards With Ease


Save Your Hand - Get a Stamp… or Two or Three…

I love sending out holiday cards because it gets me in the Christmas spirit and makes me feel like I’m sending a little joy out in the world and well, I think we all need a little pick me up this time of year, however I wasn’t always excited about it.  It used to overwhelm me.  Just the thought of writing my address over and over again made me tired.  My address used to be super long too which made it worse.  Now though, I have a tool that gets the job done faster and looks better than my tired hand writing - a custom address stamp!  I know it sounds simple, but if you are one of those people who hand is cramping up just thinking about holiday cards, do yourself a favor and just get an address stamp.

Photo Credit:  Amber Green Photograph

Photo Credit:  Amber Green Photograph

Getting a stamp for your holiday cards is not only cost efficient and hand-saving, but they are adorable too!  

Using a return address stamp will save you a ton of time when addressing your holiday cards and once your holiday cards are mailed you can use it the whole rest of the year for snazzing up your bills, dropping a note to a friend, or sending out birthday invitations.  It even makes my estimated taxes look pretty!  An address stamp is a must, but there are other types of stamps that can help you out too!  

A logo stamp will spice up the outside or the inside of your holiday envelopes and will put your business front and center this holiday season! You could even use it to make your own holiday cards for your business.  

BONUS:  You can also use it throughout the year to stamp packages, stationery, stickers, and other items for your biz.  

Photo Credit:  Paige Poppe

Photo Credit:  Paige Poppe


So whether you are looking for a way to make addressing your holiday cards easier, needing a company logo stamp, or just sending out regular mail, a custom address stamp is just what you need to spruce up your cards! Plus it's a great way to get the little ones involved too!  Let them do the stamping!  

Photo Credit:  Amber Green Photograph

Photo Credit:  Amber Green Photograph

Kelly Parker Smith is the owner at Hello World Paper Co. & Stamps where she designs stamps and stationery for new homeowners, weddings, and small businesses out of her home studio in Belleville, IL.  You can read more about the products and services she offers in her Etsy Shop, Hello World Stamps. She also has a free email course all about setting up and managing an Etsy shop and has helped hundreds of other shop owners.  And last but certainly not least, Kelly and her company have pledged to build a school through Pencils of Promise!  10% of the company profits are going toward the campaign that started in June of 2016.  Read more about that story on their blog! / /

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